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Let's talk design*

Let me know what's on your mind! Use the form below, or email


*(but wait, how does this work?)

As an independent graphic designer, I have been partnering with various cultural institutions, publishing houses, nonprofits, entrepreneurs and benevolent organizations for the past 20 years. I work 'alone' - but never actually work alone. Each project I take on is a partnership. I immerse myself in my clients' world and make sure I understand as much as I can about their goals and aspirations, while bringing to the table my experience about how to elevate their brand, and create the best visual representation for their target audience. I specialize in clear, clean design - modern, but instilled with thoughtfulness, detail, and insight. This is how I like to work: 


Project Description

First things first: I'll need to know what you're after. Could you describe your project and the goals you have for it?

Look and Feel

Is there already a look and feel in place that you're happy with? Do you need a refresh? Or a fresh, new design created? I can work with any of those options!


Is there a similar business or competitor, whose look and feel you like? Or one whose design you'd like to stand apart from? If you have any reference images - things you like or things you definitely don't want - these are helpful for me.


Is there a date you'd like to see a first draft? Or a date for the completed project?


Do you have a budget in mind? If so, please let me know. If not, I will give you a cost estimate. I work on a per-project, rather than hourly, basis. I find that this is the best for everyone involved. Expectations and guidelines are clearly set out at the start of the project. 

Design Begins

We can discuss the details of your design - how many rounds and revisions you can expect to see. But from here, I can take the lead and get to work.

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