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JUNE 2024

The Parisian Agency (l'Agence)

This Netflix reality show follows a tight-knit French family selling the most incredible luxury properties. Truly astouding, eye-watering places. 

The Parisian Agency

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Time Sensitive Podcast

I just listened to an episode with Ramdame Touhami, whose expansive thinking about life and work is fascinating. This podcast has had some other great episodes - I particularly enjoyed the episodes with Viet Thanh Nguyen, Min Jin Lee, Baratunde Thurston, Tina Roth Eisenberg, and Peter Saville. 

Time Sensitive Podcast



Tuna n'duja at Moëca

Still dreaming about this spicy, smoky tuna paté, made with Calabrian chili, served with sourdough toast at Moëca in Cambridge, MA

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Pro.Found Market

If you're in or near the Merrimack Valley (Massachusetts), this outdoor market (June 8-9, Sept 21-22) is a fun afternoon. It's full of vintage and handmade items. It's heavy on boho charm and instagrammable moments, and there are always finds to be had. (The photo above is me and my mom shopping there in like, 2019)

Pro.Found Market



None of This is True
by Lisa Jewell

A fast-paced, suspenseful story about a chance meeting between a misfit Londoner and her birthday twin, a podcaster who is living the life she aspires to. Total beach read.

None of This is True

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I'm really enjoying following along the Instagram adventure of 3 friends traveling by car from London to Capetown, South Africa. They post frequent reels with updates on their accommodations (everything from camping to luxury stays), scenery, food and border crossings. 


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