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To order a side view mirror, we will need a photo of your subject's profile. For best results, have them look straight ahead, with a relaxed face. You should take their photo straight from the side - not looking up or down at them, as that skews their features. Their lips should be parted, but please no smiling (trust me, it looks strange in profile!). If their hair is long, consider putting it in a ponytail, bun or other style which would give a little personality. If your person wears glasses, feel free to keep them on and I will draw them in. Unless you tell me otherwise, I often like to add a little bit of glamor  way of eyelashes. 


Once we receive your photo, we are off to the races! We will create your mirror for you and send it your way when it is ready.


As this is a custom product, returns are not accepted unless there is a quality issue. 

Side View Mirror

  • To care for your Side View Mirror, we recommend you only clean it when necessary, using a chamois cloth. Do not clean with Windex or other chemical products, as the mirror surface will scratch. 

    To hang, we suggest using 3M Command Velcro Strips. 

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